Deco Poles

We at Deco Poles passionately believe in the details. Like you, we don’t overlook the finer points.

Deco Poles is the first and the only producer of Ornamental Concrete Light Poles in India under their brand of DECO POLES.

DECO POLES will redefine your park, residential, villa, commercial or recreational landscaping project by enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape or streetscape.

DECO POLES offers a wide variety of choices – in colour, texture and styling; helping you make a 'perfect choice' of Ornamental Light Pole for any lighting or beautification project.

Why Deco Poles?

DECO POLES are centrifugally spun cast. This process involves spinning the poles at a very high rpm, which produces poles with the highest density and strength to weight ratio of any concrete available.

DECO POLES offers a wide choice of a very low maintenance alternative to high maitenance painted steel, cast iron, aluminium or fiber glass poles.