Timeless Beauty of Windsor Series

The Essence of yesteryear is captured in the Classic Windsor modern pole with a touch of nostalgia. The elegant curves of this beautifully crafted ornamental pole are a visual treat to watch. Whether you want to revitalize a Historic or the most modern Project this is the popular choice.
The proportionally curved beauty is available in a variety of Colors and Finishes. Enhancing the ability of discerning designers to both beautify and harmonize anylighting project with fittings of choice.


  • Available in 12 feet above grade / ground level.
  • 3 Tiered Tapered Round Cross section.
  • Available in a variety of colors & Finishes.
  • Will accept a variety of luminaire mounting styles.

Standard Features

  • Pole adapts to fit most fixtures and accessories.
  • 125mm x 85mm Standard Switch Box is cast into pole at 150mm-250mm above grade.
  • Box and Cover Plate are both made of high density plastic material.
  • Stainless Steel Screws are provided cover plate.
  • Plastic inserts in 5/8" or 16mm (as per the requirement) are provided.
  • 40mm Hole for below grade wiring is provided at 125mm below the GL Level.

Color & Finishes

Stone Finish

GT JT 03 SFA-13 SFA-15 SFA-18

Granite Finish

GFN-15 GFN-5 GFN-9 GFN-14 GFN-21

Metallic Finish

MF 03 MF 05 MF 07 MF 09

Neo Polished Finish

NPF 01 NPF 02 NPF 03 NPF 04 NPF 05

NPF 06 NPF 07 NPF 08 NPF 09


  • 1) Poles Colors, Textures and Finishes may vary/differ from images provided here.
  • 2) Poles Colors, Textures and Finishes may vary from Batch to Batch.

Installation Details

Simple and cost effective! The most common method and biggest advantage for installing a Ornamental Concrete Lighting Pole is by direct embedment. The pole is placed into an augured hole lined with gravel then back filled with native soils, stone dust or Concrete. Depending on the soil conditions.

Advantages of Direct Embedment

  • Monetary – Eliminates the need for a costly anchor pole base footing.
  • Time Savings – Faster installation, allowing more poles to be installed.
  • Simple – No reliance on weather, form work, or pouring schedules.
  • Appearance – No exposed base plates, or anchors bolts.
  • Engineered – The pole and footing are continuous (monolith pole), forming a stronger structure.
  • Environmental – Does not contaminate the soil, unlike steel poles which corrode.
  • Landscaping – Whether it be grass, concrete or asphalt, the surrounding ground is finished right up to the pole base.
  • Maintenance free – Can be placed into the ground without the fear of rust or rot.